Royal Steel Industry Co. Ltd. has been providing a variety of electrical installation and cable safety products for over two decades. Marwan Electrical represents the company's BURN range of steel tubes and conduits in the area, which is made to British and American standards. Hot-dipped galvanized conduits, metallic conduits and fittings, adaptable boxes, switches, socket boxes, and flexible conduits are among them.

BURN GI Conduits

British Standard HDG Conduits & Fittings buildings.

BURN conduits are made with the highest grade of steel to withstand extreme conditions. They are ideal for heavy industries like oil and gas, airports, underground transport, seaports and

Rigid Steel Conduits

Rigid Steel Conduits comply with ANSI C80.1-1983 (UL E306029)

Intermediate Metallic Conduits

Intermediate Metallic Conduit comply with ANSI C80.6-1983 (UL E211593)

Electric Metallic Tubing (EMT)

Electric Metallic Tubing comply with ANSI C80.3-1983 (UL E306028)

Flexible Conduits and Fittings

Flexible Conduits with black PVC

Material: Steel for Flexible Conduit, PVC for Sheath. Finish: Electro-Galvanised for Flexible Conduit.

Felexible Conduits without black PVC

Material: Steel Finish: Electro-Galvanised


Male Adaptor with Screw



Adaptable Boxes

Adaptable boxes created with cast iron and has a hot dipped galvanised finish.

Adaptable Box without Screw & Cover

Material: Cast Iron; Finish: Hot dipped galvanised

Adaptable Box with Screw & Cover

Material: Cast Iron with hot dipped galvanised (for adapatable box). Steel for cover (can have a hot dipped galvanised finish or pre-galvanised finish).

Switch and Socket Boxes

Switch and Socket Boxes manufactured to British Standards 4662.

One Gang

Material: Steel plate; Finish: Pre-galvanised

Two Gang

Material: Steel plate; Finish: Pre-galvanised


Flang Coupling with Lead
Washer & Long Male Bush


Brass Male Bush – Short
Brass Male Bush – Long


90° Normal Bend, Internal Thread


Brass Reducer


Hexagonal Locknut


Plain Saddle
Distance Saddle
Bar Saddle

Circular Box Cover - Small

Available in Hot Dip Galvanised and Pre-Galvanised

Sizes(mm) 20&25

Dome LID

Boxes-looping In

Brass Reducer

Boxes-Circular Smalls

Twin Through Way
Back Outlet
Terminal Back Outlet
Branch Two Way
Branch Three Way