United U-Li

United U-LI Corporation Berhad (ULICORP) is a Malaysian company that specializes in the production and distribution of cable support and cable management systems. Pipe clamping, cable ladders, cable trunking, cable tray control, and channel support systems are all covered together by Marwan Electrical and ULICORP.

Steel Surface Cable Trunking

Leader in steel cable trunking, the U-LI design offer two finishes: Hot-dip galvanising and pre-galvanized. Cable trunking is also available with an epoxy powder coating finish.

Steel Perforated Cable Tray

U-LI design of cable tray made of pre-galvanised steel and finished with a hot-dip galvanised finish. Cable tray and all accessories have a unique integrated coupling system.

Steel Cable Ladder

U-LI design of cable ladder is compact and fast to install, with both straight cable ladder and all accessories having a unique integrated coupling system.

Underfloor Boxes

The box base frame, trap and frame and outlet panel are made of hot dipped galvanized steel sheets which conform to BS2898.

Raised Floor Boxing

Designed to be suspended from raisedfloor panels. The box base frame is manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel sheets that conform to BS 2898.

Flushedfloor Trunking

United U-Li Flushfloor trunking system comprises of single or multi-way ducts/trunking made of rigid, non corrodible, galvanized steel sheets.